My Mom

One word: Irrepressible

When my mother was a child a cross was burned in her front yard on 19th Street, seeming the North End at that time was not as "liberal" as it is now, and Momma Dot's (her mother) response was "You S.O.B's are late we have been here a year." She then took the charred cross and kept it on her porch as a reminder. At a young age my mother was taught to never relent and raise some hell. When I was a child and shortly after we moved into a house on 23rd, a few blocks away, my mothers car was stolen and ran off a hill/cliff. Investigators deemed it a hate crime, North End was still not yet as it is now, and gave us a "panic button" that would summon police. (Side note: I pressed the button once out of cusiosity and because Mom had always told me not to... police respond quickly in Boise) 30+ years later my mother still lives in that same house, owns a few houses on that street, and the same neighborhood where a cross was burned in her yard and a car stolen from her home she now represents that very same district in the Idaho Senate...poetic ain't it.